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Hide and Seek


Wood, paint, oils, canvas cut-outs, 43cm x 200cm each

Four Eyes

Wood, spray paint, 30 cm x 60cm each 2022

Every life has a purpose

Amber cast glass, (Young and Old) light box plinths, 2006

Exhibited in Island 6 Arts Centre, Shanghai, China as part of British Council Artists Link Residency, works developed for the Shanghai Biennale Off-Site exhibition, Less Travelled.

“Two life scale branches have been cast in glass. The young branch is pure and untainted. The old shows the passage of time. It now lies disassembled. It has been a preoccupation of the artist whilst in China to research manufacturing. The word manufacturing comes from the Latin words, manu by hand and facto – made. In todays society, we associate manufacture with mass production. The branches go back to the roots of manufacture and are made by hand. They serve as a sharp contrast to the speed and transience of today’s production line. Like the Chinese ancient artefacts of the past, the production is slow, the outcome more layered and the life span prolonged.