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Shop Window/Window Shop

Installation, Shopfront, 59 tontine Street, Folkestone, mixed
media. Exhibited as part of Folkestone Fringe Triennale 2021

Shop Window/Window Shop is a project Boggon started during the pandemic when galleries and museums were shut in a former shop in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter. In this revolving exhibition space, she presents a series of “witty, carefully crafted domestic scenes” Lewis Biggs curator of the Folkestone Triennale. The work shines a light on the strangeness of the times we are living through and juxtaposes the claustrophobia of enclosure in the domestic space with the powerful need to escape through fiction that has become an insistent subtext of contemporary society and intensified by the pandemic. The installation plays on the idea of “a two-way mirror, where fiction mimics reality and reality mimics fiction. “What appears to be a shop front is in fact a window into Boggon’s practice - her studio lies just behind the vitrine – and in these evolving installations, she explores our relationship with the high street and with the home. The project began with a used Ikea cardboard box from which Boggon made cut-outs of Tom and Jerry. Over several months, the work developed its own interactive narrative as Boggon added shadows mirrors and silvered household vessels which reflected the street and passers-by.”


Sophie Hastings arts writer.


Souvenir, Installation, 500 National dolls on the ceiling, a horizontal mirror plinth First shown in 2000, London 2000 and 2019 in She Persists, Heist, Venice, during the 58 th Venice Biennale

“At a time when borders become walled barriers and nationalisms approach fascism, it is heartening to see Anna Boggon’s wonderful piece ‘Souvenir’ again. It revisits the joyful curiosity of travel, of the chance to experience different tastes and customs, and of honouring those differences rather than harbouring fear towards them.  It up-ends expectations as the best art must do.”


Cherry Smyth, art writer and poet.

Adversus solem ne Loquitor, Don’t Argue with the sun

Book Periscope Installation, 70 Books, mirror, model figure, marble shelf, windowsill. Exhibition- Palazzo Delle Liberta, at Palazzo Delle Papesse, Siena, 2003

“The stack of books that Boggon has arranged on the windowsill constitutes an “accreditation” of culture, the stratification of a long research, in which various strands of thought are heaped up and superimposed… The window is blocked, denying access to the visitor’s eye. The space becomes, therefore, an introverted setting of the private sphere, only opening to the outside world through the periscope hollowed out inside the pile of books. This is how the books represent a way out, rather than an escape route: they are a metaphor to be gained through knowledge.”


Lorenzo Fusi, curator, Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena.